The Conscious Pet Case Study - Flexible PackagingThe Conscious Pet Case Study - Flexible Packaging


Jessica, one of the brains behind The Conscious Pet in Austin, TX, needed a packaging partner that could swiftly handle smaller orders at a fair cost, which can be a challenge in the eco-friendly packaging world. Plus, she wanted a local solution to cut down on shipping expenses, and more durable pouches to avoid any "Fido mishaps."



Jessica collaborated with us to get large stand-up pouches for her doggy delicacies. Here's her feedback on the process:

  • The pricing was reasonable
  • She appreciated the option to order smaller quantities
  • The turnaround time was impressively swift

The Conscious Pet purchased: Large stand-up pouches for various SKUs!

"The sales, design and production team were SO great to work with & the turnaround time for my project was incredibly fast. 4 days after submitting my artwork my dog treat packaging was completed & ready to be picked up. I loved how easy it was to place my order and the final product is great as well." - Jess

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onewith swim

Hayley worked with our team to get custom-size pouches for her swimwear.


The Conscious Pet

The Conscious Pet chose WildKind to provide food and treats that are great for dogs and the earth.


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