Unveiling the Business Benefits of Going Sustainable

Unveiling the Business Benefits of Going Sustainable

Unveiling the Business Benefits of Going Sustainable

I. Introduction


Welcome to the world of business, where sustainability is the game-changer. In today's fast-paced environment, protecting the planet and staying ahead economically go hand in hand. So, get ready to explore the incredible advantages of going green. We'll delve into how sustainability can boost your profits, supercharge your brand, and create loyal customers. Let's kickstart this eco-friendly party!

If you think sustainability is costly; think again. Going green can actually increase your profitability. Check out these exciting ways it can boost your bottom line:

II. Streamlined Operations


Embracing sustainable practices leads to improved efficiency and cost savings. For example, by using more efficient and compact digital machinery, we reduce waste by up to 65% or more¹ compared to traditional methods (before factoring in multiple design SKUs and plate creation - which would only magnify the waste reduction we see). We've also optimized our processes to eliminate the need for an extra step in the process, which saves up to 30% of film materials. These measures save cash, supplies, and energy in both the long and short run. How can you reduce waste in your operations?


III. More Consumer Interest


Studies show that products with ESG-related claims outperform those without. In fact, NielsenIQ and McKinsey & Company found that in 68% of categories, products with such claims achieved over 28% cumulative growth between 2017 and 2022.2 People are drawn to brands making meaningful environmental and social impact. By embracing eco-friendly choices, you not only help the planet but also increase your market appeal.


IV. [Your Brand Here] - Standing Out in the Crowd


Going green sets you apart from the competition. Customers are more likely to choose products with verifiable claims like "vegan," "carbon zero," "plant-based," or "sustainable packaging." According to NielsenIQ, products with these claims grow between 2% and 8.5% more than those without. Brands making multiple claims grow twice as fast as those with a single claim. The crowd has spoken - Are you listening?

V. Creating Die-Hard Fans


Customer loyalty is crucial, and sustainability is a winning strategy. Customers today care about the environment and want to support brands that share their values. Offering sustainable packaging solutions demonstrates your alignment and fosters long-term loyalty. Brands with over half of their sales coming from ESG-related products enjoy repeat purchase rates of 32% to 34%, which is 3% to 7% higher than brands with less than half of their revenue generated from products with ESG-related claims².


VI. The Wrap


There you have it: Going sustainable is a game-changer for your bottom line. From boosting profits through streamlined operations to rocking your brand reputation and creating loyal customers, the benefits are tremendous. Let's show the world that We (The Royal ‘We’) are not just another company—we're a force for good. It's time to lead the charge.

To leave you with a powerful quote from the report, "Over the past century, global consumer consumption has been a central driver of economic prosperity and growth. This success, however, also comes with social and planetary impacts that result from producing, transporting, and discarding these consumer products. It should thus carry a moral imperative, for consumers and companies alike, to understand and address these impacts to society and the planet" (NielsenIQ).




¹ Source: HP Life Cycle Analysis Report: Low environmental impact printing with HP Indigo Digital Presses For production of flexible packaging (2016) retrieved from https://digitalprinting.hp.com/us/en/indigo-printers/resources/sustainability/low-environmental-impact-printing-with-hp-indigo-digital-presses.html

² Source: NielsenIQ: Frey, S., & Am, J.B, & Doshi, V. & Malik, A. & Noble, S. (2023). Consumers care about sustainability-and back it up with their wallets. Retrieved from https://nielseniq.com/global/en/insights/report/2023/consumers-care-about-sustainability-and-back-it-up-with-their-wallets/

In this study, NielsenIQ and McKinnsey & Company combed the point-of-sales data for 600,000 products from 44,000 brands across 32 product categories between the years 2017-2022